Tjeerd is the founder of the firm and a 100% entrepreneur. Immediately after being sworn in, he started working as an independently operating lawyer, helping Van Veen Advocaten to grow to its current size and quality during the past 41 years. He’s still full of energy with a battery that’s never empty and he doesn’t dream of quitting yet. The experience and long-term personal contacts he established during those years are the most important ingredients for his wish to continue for many more years.

At Van Veen Advocaten, Tjeerd forms a part of the labour law, contract law and property law practice groups. In every case, he aims to reach a long-term solution, preferably through a settlement, but if necessary through litigation. His skills as a mediator (Tjeerd became a chartered mediator in 2015) come in very handy. Tjeerd has managed numerous mediations during which the parties involved were able to settle a business dispute out of court.

 Also, Tjeerd and Kees van Dijk form the so-called VVA experience desk, where they join forces to view a case in more detail, to spar or offer pre-litigation advice. Between 1986 and 2001, Tjeerd was a deputy judge of a sub-district court and can therefore view a case from that point of view too.

Tjeerd thinks in terms of solutions, which means he is perfect as a mediator. If it does come to litigation, Tjeerd will find the strongest arguments possible to convince the judge to your advantage. He's able to convey those arguments transparently and convincingly. Thanks to his charisma, his (positive) seniority and pluck, he often has a natural dominance in a case. He’s an excellent lawyer who’ll do his utmost for you.



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