A tailor-made solution is what we believe in. Van Veen Advocaten is very creative when it comes to solutions, but it always assumes a no-nonsense approach. If necessary, we can mediate (also as mediators) or litigate.

Many large and small businesses and private individuals in the Netherlands and beyond have gone before you. This enormous span can be attributed to Van Veen Advocaten’s central location.

Our legal firm is based in Ede, a five-minute drive from the A12 between Arnhem and Utrecht. However, we can also use the digital highway if you prefer. A Skype session is a convenient option when you’re busy. Of course, our lawyers are also happy to see you in person or visit your organisation. After all, there is more to be gained if we know you, your organisation and the case well. Personal contact is vital for a pleasant collaboration and the good settlement of a case.


We feel the responsibility you place in our hands. That is why your dedicated point of contact is available 24/7 when a case requires it. There is a reason why we hire our lawyers not just on the basis of their knowledge but also on the basis of their accessibility.

Stay ahead with Van Veen Advocaten

Big in expertise

With fourteen different branches of law and more than fifty areas of expertise, we have a lot of legal knowledge to offer. However, a single lawyer cannot be the best in all branches of law. We attach great value to specialisation so that we can offer you the best possible service. The lawyers at Van Veen Advocaten specialise in only a few branches of law and they each have their own specialist areas within them. That means that you’ll have a lawyer who really knows his or her business. Thanks to professional ICT resources and secretarial support, this lawyer can fully focus on your case.

Sharing knowledge

The lawyers like to share their legal knowledge with you. They do so during monthly knowledge sessions, large-scale seminars, master classes, in-house training and workshops. They also write articles about recent court rulings and relevant legal subjects every week or they record a podcast. On a closing note, we send an informative newsletter once a month.


We also deal with international cases. When they enter into a trading relationship, our Dutch clients are not restricted by national borders or the Dutch language. We offer international support. Advice and contracts can always be drawn up in German or English. We have a large and excellent network of lawyer firms in various countries. We often help out foreign businesses confronted with Dutch law.

Stay ahead

We see your problem as a challenge and with over 40 years of experience, we are used to dealing with complex cases, although we prefer you to call us and pop in for a cup of tea or coffee at our office in Ede. And even then, there is still plenty of legal gain to be had. Especially to prevent challenges. This way, you or your organisation will be rock solid and you can focus on your passions and what you're good at.

Now you know our success formula, just like the clients with whom we generally have long-term relationships. Are you ahead yet? Call us for more information about our legal services, without any obligation.