Doing justice. That's what Chris likes to do. He has been working as a lawyer for Van Veen Advocaten for some time and has accomplished a lot. He started out with a general practice and shifted his focus to running a practice as an insolvency practitioner and consultant for directors and businesses who find themselves in financial difficulties. To that end, he completed a Grotius Insolvency Law specialist study programme. Later, he shifted his attention towards labour law and for that, he also successfully completed a Grotius specialist study programme.

Chris is currently a lawyer in labour law, business law (including insolvency law) and contract law. He focuses on disputes and the termination of employment contracts. He helps his clients - both business owners and private individuals - prevent or resolve issues. His experience as a solvency practitioner - and as such, his knowledge of what can go wrong - comes in very useful. He is also a confidential advisor at Van Veen Advocaten, where he engages in corporate social responsibility.

By asking the right questions, Chris retrieves essential information fast and is able to get to the core of the matter. Not only does he keep a close eye on legislation, he also views the client’s issue with empathy and analytical skills. He then starts looking for a practical solution. He doesn’t make things more complicated than they are but nor does he shy away from litigation. The client's interests are his guiding principle. You always know what to expect from him.


East Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Oost-Nederland (VAARA)]




Chairperson of ‘De Zwervers’ scouting group in Veenendaal
Member of the disputes committee of Scouting Nederland
Member of the supervisory board of Neboplus



Running (marathons, RopaRun, etc.)
Outdoor sports (from camping to climbing the Alps)
Riding a mountain bike on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug