Antonio is a lawyer and a partner. With thirty years of experience in the legal profession, the words of Gerrit Komrij still inspire him: "Only ambition has wings. Ambition never disappears. Nor does it fade. An ambitious person beats everyone because he always starts again. Starting again also means you always ensure that everything you do is approved by your harshest critics."

Labour law and business law are what Antonio focuses on most. As the chairperson of the labour law practice group, he is responsible for the ‘Arbeidsrecht Actueel’ update. In this update, lawyers of the practice group identify relevant, remarkable statements that can be used in practice by employers and employees.

Antonio is a lawyer with a great deal of knowledge, practical experience and unabated ambition. His job as a lawyer is not routine to him; every case makes him feel that he’s doing something special. His advice is thoughtful without being cautious. He is a natural strategist who always thinks ten steps ahead. Often even further than what is being asked of him. He has been the regular lawyer of many of his clients for years. Antonio thrives on personal contact, he is open to criticism and he fulfils his promises


East Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Oost-Nederland (VAARA)]



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