Thom studied law at Radboud University in Nijmegen, where he specialised in corporate law. During this period, he often spoke to clients and served as president of the Faculty of Law’s study society (JFV Nijmegen).  

At Van Veen Advocaten, he focuses on matters pertaining to corporate law, such as directors’ and officers’ liability, or doing a thorough job of drawing up watertight contracts and terms and conditions. He also works on bankruptcy cases. For instance, he issues advice to businesses which are dealing with clients or suppliers who have gone bankrupt. Or alternatively, he will help companies that are having difficulty paying their bills themselves apply for a moratorium or present a bankruptcy petition.  

Thom is a calm and modest professional. He listens very attentively and carefully considers the position and interests of his client before deciding on the right strategy to follow. He is best described as ‘precise’, as he’s unlikely to forget anything. As a result, he is very reliable. He is a living embodiment of the word ‘driven’. He’s fully focused on whatever he’s doing, and he really wants to make the most of it.

Specialist associations: Association for Young Insolvency Law Attorneys


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